National Partnership for Women & Families

For 36 years, the National Partnership has been changing the world in ways that make life better for women and families. From outlawing sexual harassment to prohibiting pregnancy discrimination to giving more than 60 million Americans family and medical leave, they have fought for every major policy advancement that has helped women and families in the last three decades.
Today they are pioneering policies that help millions of workers balance their job and family responsibilities. Leading a national conversation about quality and disparities in health care. Promoting solutions that give Americans the information they need to make the best possible health care decisions for themselves and their families. Protecting women’s reproductive rights and the independence of our courts. Fighting gender, age, race and other forms of discrimination.
Their goal is to create a society that is free, fair and just. Where nobody has to experience discrimination, all workplaces are family-friendly, and no family is without quality, affordable health care and real economic security.